Women's Jeans & Men's Jeans for Summer 2022

Women's Jeans & Men's Jeans for Summer 2023

Jeans are now considered the most popular clothing in the world. But, do you know the history of the emergence of this thing that has become a necessity?
Women's Jeans, Men's Jeans, Girl's Jeans, & Boy's Jeans. The world is dominated by these products, and all because it is not only fashionable, but also practical. Now you can hardly see a person who does not wear jeans. Whether it's outdoor recreation, going to the cinema, a trip abroad, and even work - almost everywhere you can see such familiar jeans. This piece of clothing has become indispensable. They are convenient and comfortable, beautiful and stylish, warm and cozy. In the recent past, everyone dreamed of getting at least one pair of jeans, and now they are available to the whole world.
How did jeans come about? Who invented them? And how has fashion changed?


The History of the Formation of the Jeans Era

It will seem ridiculous, but jeans appeared by accident. During the Gold Rush, merchant Levi Strauss came to America in the city of San Francisco with a batch of canvas to make durable tents. Canvases scattered immediately, and for the rest, Levi decided to sew trousers. Unexpectedly, gold miners liked the goods, and in the same year the merchant opened a workshop and began to sew trousers. His services were mainly used by gold miners. Since things were going well, Levy decided to move his studio to a trendy, busy street in San Francisco. Soon, other states of America also learned about his innovation in the fashion world, there was no end to the customers. Comfortable style, pleasant color and durable material - that's what attracted all his customers.
However, Levi Strauss did not stop there. At every opportunity, Levi traveled to the camps of miners, advertised the product, and improved it according to the wishes of the buyers. 
So, the first model of jeans has undergone some changes: there are pockets at the back and front, as well as special fasteners for the belt. And in order to make the jeans stronger, he came up with the idea of ​​stitching them with a double seam, and this is how the double stitch, fashionable in our time, appeared. And the blue color of the trousers is due to the change of fabric, instead of canvas, cotton fabric began to be used in production.
Metal rivets on pants appeared by the 60s of the 19th century, and their partner Levi, Jacob Davis, came up with them. Rivets were needed so that the pockets were more firmly attached to the jeans. The first label appeared by 1886, it was at this time that the mass distribution of this product took place, and in order for the products to be recognizable, Levy decided to sew a label on them. Rhinestones on jeans are the idea of ​​a fashion designer named Louis Ferro, they began to be attached also in the 60s.


Fashionable Women's Jeans & Men’s Jeans for Summer 2023

Fashion is changing. Things also change, but one piece of clothing will probably never leave the shop windows, fashion shows, and certainly will not leave the dressing rooms. Jeans are always fashionable. Various styles, fabrics and colors help the product stay afloat. But which of the models top the list "Trends 2022"?


Types of Jeans

Existing types of jeans:

  • Slim Fit - narrowed, tight pants, in which the waist is too high.
  • Relaxed Fit - free cut models.
  • Regular Fit - classic trousers, tapered or straight from the knee, and with 5 pockets.
  • Loose Fit - Loose trousers that flare out at the bottom.
  • Easy Fit - a product with a low waist that hugs the hips and narrows down.
  • Skinny - skinny skinny jeans.
  • Straight Fit - fashionable jeans with a straight cut.
  • Boot Cut - These jeans have a low waist, tight top, and they start to expand from the middle of the knee.
  • Baggy - rappers love to wear these rather wide trousers. They are also called "bags".
  • Jeggings - they are very popular at the moment. It's a tight mix of leggings and jeans.
  • Mom (Straight Fit) models are considered the trendiest - remember your mom's high-waisted pants? Here they are.
  • Patchwork jeans are also in fashion, made from several shades and textures of denim at once.

Do you want to create an image in a marine style? Then pay attention to models with a flare. Its width can be anything: from a barely noticeable expansion to a spectacular flare.

The colors in 2022 can be different: black and white, blue and pink, green and yellow, brown and orange. Products are decorated with rhinestones, appliqués, embroidery, beads, and much more. In the summer months, you can change the dark range to light. Blue jeans will look better with a light-colored jacket: beige, light gray, milky. The office version is easily decorated with a pendant or chain. Jeans are very good to wear in winter, they are dense, warm and do not restrict movement. And in the summer you can buy jeans made of thin and light material. Previously, jeans were considered mostly sportswear, but now they can be seen everywhere: in the city, in the country, at a holiday, on vacation, in a store, in a restaurant. They are very practical and relevant in any conditions. It is better if the wardrobe contains different jeans in style, color, fabric and pattern: stripes, cages, geometric patterns.


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Jeans are a Must!

Where to wear jeans? Yes, almost everywhere, except maybe work. Although, if the authorities are loyal to this part of the wardrobe, then black jeans are quite suitable, and in combination with a fitted dark-colored jacket, turtleneck, sweater, shirt or blouse, the set will look incomparable.
Currently, the variety of jeans is amazing, anyone - even a very demanding or capricious buyer will certainly find a couple of worthy products among the vast assortment and support the trends of the season in their own way. You can also find a perfect selection of jeans for women and men here at Harmony Gallery.

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