10 Fashion Mistakes Men Should Avoid – Harmony Gallery

10 Fashion Mistakes Men Should Avoid – Harmony Gallery

How to remain elegant and casual in all situations? You should be aware of fashion mistakes so as not to repeat them in the future. It's very simple, sometimes it's the details that can make all the difference! Let's go over your outfits from head to toe, starting with your polos and shirts, going through your jeans and shorts, and ending with your shoes!

Fashion Mistake 1: Tightly Buttoned Polo

Polo creates an elegant and relaxed style, for sure. But the main fashion mistake that many men make is to fasten it to the very top: that which gives a strict and constrained look. The exact opposite of what you're looking for! Always leave the first button open, and in most cases you should do the same with your shirt! The result: a stylish and relaxed look.

Fashion Mistake 2: Polo or T-shirt Tucked In

Polos and T-shirts must not be tucked into trousers. You should also make sure that their length is chosen correctly, not too long, and not too short. your physique should be guessed. The ideal length is to the middle of the zipper of the trousers, just above the pockets of the jeans. And while we are talking about T-shirts, choose a round or V -neck collar, but not too deep, this is also one of the fashion mistakes.


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Fashion Mistake 3:  Tucking In a Shirt Without a Belt
A shirt is tucked into trousers, but the fashion mistake here is to omit the belt, especially if the shirt is fitted and you wear it with jeans. The belt becomes the final touch of your image, giving zest.

Fashion Mistake 4: Wrongly Buttoned Jacket

Here there are often fashion mistakes too! The jackets that are now in fashion are with two or three buttons. They should not be fully buttoned, always leave the last button open, this will allow you to move freely and sit comfortably, and the jacket will not bulge. moreover, you will maintain a relaxed look. As for jackets with three buttons, fasten the first or the one in the middle.

Fashion Mistake 5 : Wrongly Matched T-shirt Under the Shirt

The fashion mistake here is to leave too much of a T-shirt that is worn under the main clothing. If you are wearing a light-colored shirt, choose a light-colored T-shirt, preferably even the same color, with a wide English collar, not a round one. Avoid black or printed t-shirts! If you prefer tank tops, wear them under dark shirts that don't show their shape. But in reality, sweaters or cardigans are an integral part of an elegant look, as well as the refusal to wear other clothes under your shirt!

Fashion Mistake 6: Crew Neck Sweater Over a Polo or Shirt

Have you decided to wear a sweater over a shirt? Be careful not to repeat another fashion mistake: Choosing a sweater with a round collar that will restrict your movements and force you to straighten the sides of your collar, which, in turn, must be buttoned ... The same is the case with the polo! Thus, we make one fashion mistake after another. Choose sweaters with a V –neck, vests, or cardigans will favorably emphasize your neck - and collar as well! - and make your shirt stand out beautifully.

Fashion Mistake 7: Wearing Jeans That Are Too Big

It's a fashion mistake that terrifies women's and girls: baggies that rise above the navel or that are below the buttocks! But be careful, women also don't like overly tight jeans that outline their underwear. The secret to finding the right jeans size is that only one finger fits in your waistband!

Fashion Mistake 8: Wrong Length Bermuda Shorts

It is most fashionable to wear Bermuda shorts above the knee. It is most wrong to wear excessively short Bermuda shorts. If you attach importance to what is above the knees, do not exceed 2 centimeters!

Fashion Mistake 9: Socks and Sandals
It is the most famous and terrible fashion mistake, but we have to mention it. There is no need to explain why. Do you agree?

Fashion Mistake 10: Light Colored socks
Leave your white socks for sneakers or other sports shoes, because they are purely for sports. Under your city shoes, you should wear dark socks, discreet colors, preferably thin, and even better, matching the color of your belt or shirt. Not only light, and even more so, no patterns - a guaranteed fashion mistake!



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